“Victoria treated my injured knee in a very professional, sympathetic manner, there was no ‘you shouldn’t be doing that at your age!’ Just a very positive programme of treatment, advise and exercise to get you back doing the things you love, in my case walking, skiing and playing racketball.... thank you Victoria."

Howard Griffiths, Oxon (Sept 2019).

“I would like to recommend Victoria at ThamesPhysio Victoria’s understanding of my injury was swift and the treatment offered was spot on. Excellent service, thank you Tori.”

Ian, Wargrave (March 2019).

“Victoria is the most responsive friendly and helpful physio I have ever had the pleasure to be treated by. Victoria has sorted out both a few niggling pains for me and treated me post operation. She has a fantastic patient manner and will always do whatever she can to be available and give high quality advice. She is able to diagnose problems with a quick fix and help you build routines to remedy the problem regardless of where the problem is. I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Victoria as a physiotherapist.”

Amanda, South Stoke (March 2019)

I have known Victoria for over 10 years and she has worked wonders for my back, which periodically requires attention following an old rowing injury. I have known many Physiotherapist over the years and Victoria is the best by far. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for me.”

Matthew, Wargrave (February 2019).

“Victoria is the best! She is attentive and knowledgeable and really cares for her clients. 
I began seeing Victoria after a bad riding accident. After an initial consultation, she sent me for a MRI scan which showed the areas that needed strengthening. Victoria then made me a treatment plan and she got me back into shape.
Her physio programs are effective and easy to follow. 
I see her regularly in her Pilates classes which are exclusive to her clients and very good!
To date, I have received the very best in physio care and I can highly recommend Victoria.”

Lotte Young, Crazies Hill (January 2019).