Walking For Health

I often get asked “Is walking really so good for you?” Well the answer is yes it is!  Here you will find some of the benefits to regular walking.

  • Walking is a weight bearing activity so helps to maintain bone density and prevent osteoporosis.

  • Walking improves muscle strength, balance and endurance.

  • Walking is a a cardio -vascular activity and so helps to protect the fitness of the heart and lungs.

  • Walking helps in weight management.

  • Walking can improve mental health and give a sense of well being.

  • Regular walking can help in the management of condition such as diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

I am also often told “I can’t walk due to my arthritis.”  

This is not quite true but you may need to modify where you walk and for how long. Walking on uneven ground or hard pavements can be aggravating for arthritic conditions but walking across a park or on firm grass can cushion the joints and allow you to access the great outdoors again. Walking will boost the muscles around the joints which will help to protect them. You may of course need to limit the length of time you walk for until you can build your strength.

If you are finding your walking endurance is failing due to joint or muscle pain I would be happy to see you for an assessment and devise a plan to address any problem areas. Before you embark on a new exercise please do also seek the advice of your GP.